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Robin Deegan


After a fulfilling teaching career and raising three children, I have decided to follow my interest in real estate.  As a teacher, educating and caring for those involved in the real estate process comes naturally to me. I will take the time to listen to your wants and needs, do the research for the right fit, and then guide you as we move forward. 

I love living in Jacksonville! I was born in NY, and have since worked my way south via NJ, Maryland/DC, Atlanta and then Jacksonville.  I have lived here now for over 15 years and I do not miss the cold weather or traffic, at all!  I have navigated my three children through the school system, and have volunteered on several boards, committees and extra-curricular organizations. I like to spend time with family, read, and go for a walks, runs or bike rides at the beach.

Please know that I am dedicated and committed to finding the best fit for you and I look forward to serving your best interests. My goal is to make the real estate process a seamless and enjoyable experience for you!


Wajsman Home Team
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Office: (904) 495.7222 • Fax: (904) 495.7211

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